Comment Policy

Keep it clean & nobody gets hurt

I don’t allow abusive or libellous comments, nor do I allow spam comments. I like a vigorous debate, but use your head. If it’s just “ditto” with a link, I won’t post it. Everything goes into the queue, and I do read them. I don’t mind profanity, if it’s used effectively.

I don’t want to hear about how great my site is, how great my post is, how you got here or that you’re going to be bookmarking my site.

My preference is for comments that actually contribute to the conversation. If you can’t do that, don’t bother.

If it’s just so stupid it’s funny, I’ll post it, but strip out your link, so there was no point wasting the time of your “link builders” in I.n.d.i.a., was there?

I’m not an SEO guy who’s really worried about nofollow links and I’m willing to give you some credit if you’ve commented enough times and they’re worthwhile reading. I don’t actually mind so much about what some people might consider as a spammy nickname either, just don’t push it. You decide how far you think you can go and I’ll decide whether I let it slide. Contributions will be rewarded eventually.