Pay Per Click

pay per click ad networks - Google, Bing, Yahoo, FacebookPay per click advertising (PPC) can be a great way to jump start your online marketing campaign.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great step to take in your online marketing, but it does take a while to implement and begin to take effect. You can start a pay per click marketing campaign almost immediately.

This is one of the primary advantages of PPC advertising, whether you’re using Google Adwords, Facebook, Yahoo! or Bing. The most popular place to start is with Google advertising.

(If you’re confused, pay per click ads, most commonly, are the Google ads you see at the top of Google search results and to the right side. Paid Google advertising is a popular way to kickstart an online advertising campaign.)

With approximately 70 per cent of searchers using Google, the highest traffic is here, but there are good opportunities in less popular search engines such as Yahoo or Bing. Facebook is also a great location to get a successful paid ad campaign started.

In setting up a PPC advertising campaign, you’ll begin to see immediate traffic to your website and ideally be able to convert those website visitors into paying customers.

If you’re interested in starting an online advertising campaign, Page One SEO has the experience and skill to produce an ad campaign that will help to bring qualified customers to your website.

Page One SEO can help your company with:

  • Pay per click advertising campaign setup
  • PPC ad copywriting
  • Pay per click advertising campaign management
  • Determining return on investment
  • Determining the most appropriate advertising networks – Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Bing, etc
  • Landing page optimization

Contact Page One SEO today to get your Edmonton pay per click ad campaign started right away!

Once your pay per click marketing campaign is up and running, you should consider whether your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) is doing the job.