Public relations is still a valid way to get your story out to the media. It can be a very valuable way of getting your story out and/or creating large amounts of traffic to your website.

With all the hype you may have heard about how mainstream media is dying, you may think traditional media doesn’t have any value in the online world. Dismiss that thought!

Traditional media carries a tremendous amount of weight in the online world today. Mainstream media websites have some of the highest monthly page views of all sites on the Internet and are usually the most popular sites in most cities.

Media companies still have deep pockets, despite the downturn in the economy, and they have the budget to innovate online. They’re not going away any time soon and I firmly believe they’ll be around in the future, leading the online media world.

Getting your story into mainstream media

As anyone who’s made an appearance in traditional media knows, it is great for your personal or company visibility. It can also bring tremendous amounts of traffic to your website.

Hoping to increase your personal profile and/or your company’s visibility? I can help you do that.

I have worked as a reporter, know what the media looks for in a story and have had stories picked up by major newspapers, radio and television stations. It’s not as simple as cranking out any old press release.

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