Good content is what drives the web. “Content is king” they say. It brings visitors to your site through good SEO, but well-written, compelling content can keep visitors on your site and coming back. It can help to convince them you’re the right choice for them. Good copywriting is more important than ever before.

What’s copywriting all about?

The typical goals of marketing copywriting are fairly simple:

  • Explain
  • Persuade

It really is that simple. Good copywriting isn’t about winning awards or impressing visitors with your vocabulary; it’s about explaining a particular topic in a way that your reader understands and building trust in the reader so they will perform an action you desire. Those actions could simply be signing up for a newsletter, watching a video, downloading a whitepaper or making a purchase.

SEO copywriting?

Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of online copywriting. Any online content must primarily speak to your website visitor, but you also need to keep in mind the needs of search engines in order to have your webpage rank well for desirable keyword phrases. Good copywriting should be transparent to your visitor.

What kinds of copywriting do you do?

At Page One SEO we can create all types of copy for you. Some of the different copywriting areas we encounter are:

  • Webpage copy
  • Pay per click ads
  • Press releases & backgrounders
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Blog posts
  • Newspaper articles
  • Newsletters – email, etc

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