Edmonton SEOAs the importance of Internet marketing continues to grow, so does the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). More and more, consumers are using search engines instead of the yellow pages to find businesses. How easy is it to find your company for keywords it should naturally rank in search engines for?

Traditional marketing and advertising methods are still valid and effective, and we’d never tell you to just quit your other marketing and focus strictly online. We understand the value of a healthy marketing mix.

For online marketing, SEO forms the foundation of your online marketing. If your site is not properly optimized, you’ll be missing out on qualified visitors who are already searching for the types of services your company provides.

Some of the common reasons companies look for SEO are:

  • Brand new site and nobody knows about it.
  • Lots of visitors to the site, but not converting to buyers.
  • Older website, but not ranking for the right keyword phrases
  • Site is ranking well, but would like to rank even better.
  • You have a website that had ranked well, but all of a sudden it’s not!

Not to worry! We’ve seen these problems before, and they’re not uncommon. We can address all of those problems. At Page One SEO, we do a number of things to improve your site’s search engine rankings. We don’t have a cookie cutter approach to SEO, but will customize our work to suit the needs of your website.

Our custom SEO typically involves:

Current SEO assessment – How can you know where to go unless you know exactly what the SEO situation is regarding your current website? We’ll examine your website to see what issues you need to overcome to achieve online marketing success. We meet with you to learn more about your business, online marketing goals and to set a realistic timeline to achieve them.

Competitor assessment & analysis – A thorough competitor analysis is a key part of our search engine optimization process. Your competitors can give you important clues as to what is working and what is not working in SEO for your key market segments. It’s also good to have a realistic assessment about the relative strength of your competition and how to outrank them in the search engines.

Keyword research – The foundation of SEO is keyword research. Page One SEO will thoroughly research and identify the most desirable keywords for your key market segments. It’s important to find keyword phrases that have an increased likelihood of helping your website be found by searchers, but also to identify keyword phrase opportunities that other companies have not.

Website traffic statistics – Another important aspect of SEO is to ensure that you have a reliable and accurate method to measure what is happening with your website. That typically involve ensuring you have a good web analytics package tracking your website and providing very valuable information about what is happening on your website.

Website SEO – There are a number of technical and content elements that we will change on each page to optimize on your website. We create and implement a page by page, detailed report of the changes that will be made to your site.

SEO copywriting – On the web, there’s an old adage “content is king.” What it really means is that your website visitors come to your site for the content it provides, not the elegance of your website’s SEO. With our SEO copywriting services, we will professionally rewrite and edit every single page of your website, if necessary, improving how each page reads and is optimized. Our goal is to produce a properly search engine optimized page that human website visitors can read naturally, but also pleases search engines, resulting in great search engine rankings for desirable keyword phrases.

Linkbuilding & ongoing SEO – Optimizing your website is not a one shot deal. Another important aspect of SEO are the “off-page” SEO factors such as links pointing to your site. This is one method major search engines use to determine how well your site should rank for a particular keyword phrase. We employ a variety of techniques such as directory submissions, link requests, but also press releases and articles.

While Page One SEO is an Edmonton SEO company, because of the online nature of our work, we can work for you whether you’re located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada or abroad.

Contact Page One SEO today to see how our company can get yours the search engine rankings and traffic for Internet marketing success.

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