Myspace isn’t dead yet

January 14, 2011 by  

Myspace social media companyThe decline of Myspace is sad but not unexpected and now its parent company, News Corp, is rumored to be wanting to pawn it off on some unsuspecting, deep pocketed company out in cyberspace.

I’ve never been that big of a fan of it and don’t really know anyone using it. It seems like it’s mainly dedicated to kids.

So, News Corp is trying to sell it, but who might be interested?

I can see two companies that could have a legitimate reason for looking at it: Google and Apple.

Google has been eager to get into the social networking business and, thus far, their efforts have been rather pathetic. While buying something like Myspace, a failing social network, might be viewed as idiocy, Google could pick it up cheap and have the opportunity to turn it around.

Apple would make more sense to me. Steve Jobs certainly has the track record of being able to turn around failing companies. Myspace used to be cool, has a younger demographic and was/is known for being a place to discover new music.

It would make a lot of sense for Apple to pick up Myspace as its social media property. I believe Apple could definitely turn it around and bring back the cool factor it once had. It also makes a lot of sense from Apple’s perspective and its most successful products: iTunes, iPods and iPhones, not to mention the iPad.

It’s a great fit for Apple and a perfect opportunity to market its products even further; like they need the help.

The real question is will News Corp be asking too much for the failing social network? Probably. They could unload the problem company or let it fail completely. It’s a shame to let 22 million users go find some other place to be social.

Google seems to have lost its cool factor with the failure of Google Wave and the tepid public response to Google Buzz. I am not so sure that Google could bring back the cool factor Myspace desperately needs. Apple could.


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